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Disease Management

Agricultural Disease Management:

As part of Agricultural Disease Management, Agmarks provide an exclusive Plant Clinic facility. The farmers can extensively look out for Pest Diseases, Weed Diseases and Insect based Diseases of the crop and take Corrective Actions as suggested in the site. The vast Disease Management Repository of Agmarks cover entire diseases of the crops till date. Farmers are equipped with an interface to upload the diseased plant photo and get suggestions on Disease and Chemicals to be used and Chemical Mix that can be followed based on age of the Plant.

Further, the Agricultural Disease Management also include the Reported Diseases of their area based on location of the Farmer. It will also cover the Pest Diseases Reported, Weed Diseases Reported and Insecticide Diseases Reported of that location. Based the Info provided, Agricultural Farmers can take Preventive Actions.

Agmarks also provide Micro Minerals and Nutrients Deficiency Report and Suggestions to the plant and soil as part of Preventive Actions to increase the yield.

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