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Farmer Services Online

Digital Agriculture Services For Farmers

Agmarks Farmer Services

Digital Services in India:

Agmarks is the first of its kind in making the dream of digital agricultural services in India. Agmarks provides digital services to Farmers through its Farmer Service Centre and through online Agricultural Markets by accessing and connecting rural base at procurement side and large urban consumer base.

Agmarks Agri digital Services aims to provide a sustainable and profitable agricultural activity by effectively using the geo tagging for distance calculation and addressing the supply chain bottlenecks of agri industry.

Agricultural Demand Supply Balance Out:

Agmarks digital platform for farmers enable them to cross check the demand and supply trends for the crop by using various metrics provided. Further, the crop management functionality gives them an insight into the spending patterns of them on farm input and Storage options available before selling in E-Yard when appropriate price prevails. This ultimately leads to Price stabilisation, Demand and Supply Balance Out, reduces Input and increases yield.

e - Yard / e - Auction of Agri Produce:

Agmarks, through its Agricultural Market e-Yard functionality creates a platform for e-Auction. This Agricultural market e-Yard is one of the best where buyers and sellers meet and check for their respective parameters like, Bid Price, No of Bids placed, Quality Reports, etc. This e-Yard acts as Local and Global Market for the farmers to reduce wastage and transportation cost to conventional market yards. Through its geo distance calculation, agmarks with digitalisation can effectively calculates the possible minimum distance to the buyer and suggest the potential buyers around.

Zero Budget Farming & Organic Farming - Contract Farming:

Agmarks as part of digital services to farmers undertake contract farming in India. Either it be a convention farming with Zero budget based or organic farming with zero chemicals, agmarks provides agricultural consultation as well directly involve in cultivation. Agmarks also serve the corporate requests with the parameters prescribed by the corporates according to their needs.

Farmers can check the information of weather, market prices, cost & procedure of cultivation, disease management, testing & lab details, etc along with nearby processors, traders, storages with ask/bid price per unit and other stakeholders. An interface to buy the farm input of seeds, fertilisers, bio, organic, pesticides, etc and also sell the produce for maximum possible price. A disease Management interface to upload photo of the plant to get timely advice on curing and remedial measures to be followed.


  • Crops
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy Products
  • Animal Husbandry

Key Benefits

  • Crop Decision with information on Demand & Supply Balancing and Forecasted Price Fluctuations.
  • Un adulterated Farm Input - Seeds/Seedlings, Organic & In-Organic Fertilisers, Bio, Pesticides, Insecticides, etc.
  • Forecast of Weather and Rainfall along with irrigation details.
  • Disease, Pest, Insect and Weed Management.
  • Cold Storages and Warehouse Support - Pre book a slot with available space & price information.
  • Cost of Cultivation & Procedure.
  • Historical & Forecasted Price Movements.
  • Visibility of the produce to the processors, traders, vendors, etc.
  • Search nearby Processors, Traders, Cold Storages, Suppliers, Vendors and Logistics.
  • New Crop trends based on the soil, area and markets.
  • Timely Services.
  • Logistics Support with cost of transport.
  • Special Care to Perishables like Vegetables by timely transport and other services.
  • Dairy - Milk Procurement Support.
  • Animal Husbandry support with timely vaccinations and with markets information.
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