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Innovative Crops

Crop Name:  Dragon Fruit


Sandy Loam Soils are the best suitable soil to start the Dragon Fruit Farming. If possible prepare the Sandy Loam Soil to Clay Loam Soil. By providing the Sandy Loam Soil in Dragon Fruit Cultivation, you can able to produce more Yields In Dragon Fruit Farming. According to the order of Govt. the minimum pH value is 5.5 to 7.0 can be suitable to Start Dragon Fruit Farming. While these are the importance of Soil Requirements in Dragon Fruit Farming.


Tropical Climatic Regions are suitable to Start Dragon Fruit Farming. If the rainfall is more then you can earn more Profits in Dragon Fruit Cultivation. Furthermore, the Dragon Fruit Framing requires 50 CM of annual rainfall. Dragon Fruit Farming requires 20°C to 30°C of temperature to produce more Profits In Dragon Fruit Farming. These plants can not able to grow properly in heavy sunlight. Still, if you are going to start Dragon Fruit Farming in sunlight areas, it is better to provide some shade in Dragon Fruit Farming.

Land Preparation:  

The very first thing is that you have to plough the soil properly before you start the Dragon Fruit Farming. According to me and my survey, you have to plough the soil minimum for 2 to 3 times. Then the fertility of the soil increases by ploughing the soil. The process of repeating the ploughing the soil can able to achieve its tilt in the soil. Disadvantages of Dragon Fruit Farming is Weeds. Try to remove all the weeds in the field.




Dragon Fruit Farming Require less water while comparing to others plants and Cultivation of other crops. Drip Irrigation is the best Suitable Method for Irrigation System in Dragon Fruit Farming. You have to provide water during the periods of Planting, Flowering, and Cropping and even at the stage of Fruiting stages of Dragon Fruit Farming.


Disease Management:  

Pest Management:  

Pests: Mealybugs, Aphids, Ants, Beetles, Mites. Thrips.

Propagation Methods:  

Plantation Method:  

Farmers can Gain More Profits In Dragon Fruit Farming. Cutting is the most common propagation in the Dragon fruit Farming. Furthermore, we can able to Propagate Dragon Fruit Plants by using Seeds. According to me, cuttings are the best suitable Propagation Method for Dragon Fruit Farming. Because seeds take more time to germinate and plants grow slowly. But we can face a small Problem in Dragon Fruit Farming is that the cuttings are not suitable for the Commercial Dragon Fruit Farming.

Intercultural Operations:  



These Dragon Fruit Plants can able to produce yield after one year from the stage of its planting. In Dragon Fruit Farming these plants able to produce flowering in the months of May to June. They can able to produce Fruits from the months of August to December. After one month of Flowering, these Dragon Fruits are ready to Harvest. The immature Skin of Dragon Fruits appears in Bright Green Colour. Furthermore, after few days they turn into Red Colour from Green Colour. Tips in Dragon Fruit harvesting are it is better to harvest the Dragon Fruit after 3 to 4 days from its change in Colour. It is better to use hands or sickle to cut the Pitaya Fruit in Dragon Fruit Farming. The average yield is 5 to 6 Tonnes Dragon Fruits per acre.


Tips for Cultivation:  

About 20 CM of Cuttings can be useful to plant in the Field of Dragon Fruit Farming. You have to notice that the Cutting of Dragon Fruit should be done 1 or 2 days before they are going to plant in the field. Furthermore, before you pot these cuttings you to mix along with the planting mixture of Dry Cow Dung. The mixture can be in the process of 1:1:2 from the Top Soil. Main important Tips that you have place these cuttings in the shade. While coming to the spacing in the Dragon Fruit Farming maintain Plant to Plant Spacing in Dragon Fruit Farming. Plant to Plant Spacing is 2 meters X 2 meters. Now dig the pits. Maintain the Pit Size In Dragon Fruit Farming up to 60 cm X 60 cm X 60 cm. Furthermore, fill these pits by using Top Soil along with the mixture of 100 grams of Super Phosphate Compost in dragon Fruit Farming.

Cultivation Procedure:  

Before you plant the crops you have to notice that these Dragon Fruit Plants Need Support. You can give them a support by using Concrete or Wooden Columns. By using this their support plants can able to grow well and produce more Yield in Dragon Fruit Farming. Furthermore, you have to tie the immature plants with these columns. Allow 2 or 3 lateral shoots to grow along with the main mother plant. Make sure that the laters buds are growing time to time. Maintain a round circular metal


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