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Innovative Crops

Crop Name:  Muskmelon


It grows well in deep fertile and well-drained soil. It gives best result when grown on well drained loam soil. Soil having poor drainage capacity is not suited for Muskmelon cultivation. Follow crop rotation as continuous growing of same crop on same field leads loss of nutrients, poor yield and more disease attack. pH of soil should be in between 6-7. Alkaline soil with high salt concentration is not suitable for cultivation


Temparature : 18-30 degree Rainfall : 50-75mm Sowing Temparature : 18-20 degree Harvesting Temperature : 25-30 degree

Land Preparation:  

The land is prepared thoroughly by repeated ploughing


The seeds may be sown from November to March in the plains and April- May in the hills. The seeds are sown in November- December in west Bengal, Bihar and south India. Transplanting of about a week old seedlings may also be done. The seed rate is 2 to 3 kg/ha.


Hara Madhu: Late maturing variety. Fruits are of large size, round shape having average weight of about one kg. Skin is of light yellow color. TSS contain is about 13% and very sweet in test. Flesh is of green color, thick and juicy. Seeds are of small size. It is resistant to powdery mildew. It gives average yield of 50qtl/acre. Punjab Sunehri: Mature 12days before Hara Madhu. Fruits are of round shape with netted rind and of light brown color. Its average weight is about 700-800gm, TSS is about 11%. Flesh is thick, orange color. It has good keeping quality. It is resistant to fruitfully attacked. Its average yield is about 65qtl/acre. Punjab Hybrid: It is early maturing variety. Fruit is of round shape, light yellow color with netted skin. Flesh is thick, orange color, juicy and excellent flavor. TSS is upto 12% and average weight about 800gm. It is resistant to fruit fly and gives average yield of 65qtl/acre. Other state varieties: Arka Jeet ,Arka rajhans,MH 10,Pusa madhurima


Irrigation is given as and when it is necessary. Crops sown or river beds or not needs and irrigation.


Apply 30 -50 cart loads FYM at the time of soil preparation 80 kg N, 40 kg P and K is recommended by PKV Akola,1/2 dose N, full dose of P and K should be applied at the time sowing. Remaining half nitrogen applied one month after transplanting.

Disease Management:  

Pest Management:  

Propagation Methods:  

Plantation Method:  

1. Shallow Pit Method: In this method pits of 60 X 60 X 45 cm are dug at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 m. each pit is filled with a mixture of soil and 4 to 5 kg of FYM in compost, 30 to 40 gm. Urea, 40 to 50 gm. Single phosphate and 80 to 100 gm of muriate of potash. After filling the pit circular basin are made and five to six seeds are sown per basin at 2 to 3 cm. deep and covered with fine soil, FYM or compost. 2. Deep Pit Method: This method is followed in case of river bed cultivation. Circular pits of 60 to 75 cm. diameter and 1.0 to 1.5 m. depth are dug at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 m distance both ways. 3. Ridge Method: The seeds are sown on the side of raised beds. 4. Mound Method: The seeds are sown on the mounds. The seed rate is 1.6 kg per acre. The normal spacing is row to row 300 cm and plant to plant 90cm. the germination percent and the storages life of seed can be improved by treating freshly extracted seeds with 2 % HCL or NAOH.

Intercultural Operations:  

Two or three hoeing may be done during the early stage of growth to keep down the weeds and to conserve soil moisture. Two or three plants are kept at on place in the hills or beds by thinning the extra plant.



Muskmelon fruit will be ready for picking in about 110 days depending upon variety and agro- climate. The stage of maturity is generally judged by the change is the external colour of fruit, softening of the rind and development of abscission layer. In muskmelon when fruit are nature slips out easily from vine. The stage at which the fruit are picked, also affects the quality of fruits, hence they should be picked in time.


The average yield is 100 to 150 quintal / ha.

Tips for Cultivation:  

Cultivation Procedure:  


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