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Innovative Crops

Crop Name:  Quinoa


Quinoa is a hardy plant can be expanded from water level as much as regarding 4,000 m. This grain could be grown in inadequate dirts too. Nonetheless, one of the most suited soil for quinoa farming is sandy loam. Prevent heavy clay dirts as they are not ideal. Frost creates the damages at flowering phase which causes return decrease. Dirt?s should have great drainage and high organic matter, with moderate slopes and also average vitamins and mineral content. Quinoa favors neutral dirt?s although it is usually expanded on alkaline dirts around pH of 9.0 as well as acidic dirts up to pH of 5.0.


The ideal temperature for quinoa cultivation is around 18 ? C to 20 ? C, although it withstands temperature extremes varying from 39 ? C to -8 ? C. Propagation in Quinoa Farming Propagation is done through seeds.

Land Preparation:  

Well tilted soil and the most ideal plant thickness in quinoa farming varies from 150 to 500 plants each sq. meter area. The row spacing depends upon many factors. Nonetheless, one of the most common row spacing is 50 cm or25 cm or 12.5 centimetres as well as suggested deepness of sowing is 1 to 3 cm.


Quinoa plant could be sown from the mid of the May when dirt temperature gets to 5 to 7 ?C. Seeds could be straight sown in the main area or transplanted. Seed rate in quinoa farming is about 15 to 20 kg each hectare location. Usually seed germination occurs within 24 Hr after planting when appropriate dampness is present in the dirt, and also seedlings arise in 3 to 5 days.



Generally, rain fed crops do not require any irrigation if there is a well distributed rain-fall throughout the year.


Supplement the area with 20 to 30 tonnes of well rotten ranch yard manure to boost the dirt with organic matter throughout land preparation. Quinoa crop responds well to nitrogen fertilizer. This plant calls for chemical plant foods of N: P: K in the proportion of 120 kg: 50 kg: 50 kg each 1 hectare land.

Disease Management:  

Pest Management:  

Propagation Methods:  

Plantation Method:  

Intercultural Operations:  



Usually quinoa crop will be ready for harvesting in 3 months to 4 months after sowing depending on the variety. Quinoa plant is gathered when they get to physiological maturation and are laid in the field for 35 to 45 days, after which they are threshed on ground and also defeated with sticks or crushed by bullocks. The quinoa crop could be harvested choosing to use either integrate with a conventional header or header.


Tips for Cultivation:  

Cultivation Procedure:  


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