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Warehouses / Storages

Agmarks storage Services Storage units are equipped with a system where they can pursue the farmers to use the facility till they get better rates or till the clearance of seasonal issues. Units can able to see the requests from farmers, processors and traders for stock storage along with bid price per unit. The information of Occupancy and available space with slot booking option is provided to the farmer.

The storage units will have an interface to manage the receipts, issues and adjustments of the ledger book in the system. They even can track & trace the material of the customer inside the storage unit and all data related to that along with pending amounts if any.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility of Occupancy ration and available capacity to the nearby farmers, processors, vendors and traders.
  • Farmer requests are routed to Storage Units. Farmers can book a slot in advance.
  • Provision to notify the farmer on ask price per unit.
  • Stock Ledger Management with issues, receipts and adjustments at farmer level.
  • Traceability of stock at storage unit by racking and numbering system.
  • Payment information of each customer along with per unit cost calculation & Due payments.
  • Reports on historical data & Occupancy ratio’s.

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