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Agmarks Supplier Services Agmarks provides a comprehensive dashboard to the farm input suppliers, where they can sell seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, etc. An interface to check the requests from nearby farmers for input.

Suppliers will get the interface to maintain the data of stock ledgers within the account and check the stock levels time to time to replenish. They can even request nearby suppliers or linked Central distributor for stock transfer.

The central distributor will get comprehensive ledger data of units along with stock movements and fast moving items. The suppliers also get mandal/area wise fast moving product information.

Key Benefits

  • Continuous Business and Selling Opportunities.
  • Mandal/District/Area wise fast moving product and analysis.
  • Visibility to Farmer requests with Product Quantity and Quality.
  • Central Distribution to Unit Level Stock updates and transfer requests.
  • Unit Level Performance Statistics.
  • Stock Ledger Maintenance.
  • Exclusive Product Catalogue.
  • Reporting.

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