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Agmarks trader Services We believe in co-working model and at the same time we make sure the price eat up at levels to be minimised. Today’s multi level trading system is due to lack of visibility and accessibility to the farmer’s produce.

Agmarks provide the visibility to the traders with quantity, quality and ask price. Traders can even post what they have at hand with bid price. They can able to sell and contact the nearby processors and vendors to update them with information. An interface Today’s check the storage options they have with per unit price.

Key Benefits

  • Direct Visibility of farmer produce along with ask price, quality and quantity.
  • Buying and Selling interface.
  • Search nearby farmers, processors, traders, vendors, storages and logistics.
  • Analyse the market prices and price fluctuations.
  • Weather information
  • Logistics Support with cost of transport.
  • Clinical Support

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