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Local Weather Updates


Local Weather Updates For The Next 5 days

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Digital Weather Forecast Services in India:

Agmarks, as a part of its free digital services to farmers, not only provide platform like crop management and e-Yard, but also informs about the weather conditions of the area that he usually cultivates. The weather forecast of my location in India is very helpful in taking informed decision on when to harvest and when to save the crop at critical times.

Location based Weather Report:

Agmarks provides a 5 day Weather Forecast based on the location of the device. The farmer can check the weather forecast periodically in the phases of cultivation. Farmer can also check the weather information for multiple locations in India with pin code. The Weather forecast of today based on location gives information like humidity, wind speed, rainfall intensity, temperature intervals etc. This Weather Report today and tomorrow in my location gives a complete picture of local weather of that area. This 5 day rolling Weather Report is particularly useful at the time of harvesting in India.

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